ASTG provides stabilized VSAT antennas built on a unique and proven 4-axes technology.
The design enables shorter geometric path and less rotation torque for each axis, extending the life of the mechanical parts of the antenna as the system is subjected to less stress than a 3-axes system.


The antenna system is fast due to the gimbal design with AC servo motors on each axis and the gradient satellite tracking method on all 4 axes.  The antenna locks on the satellite within 8 seconds, starting from its parking position.


Robustness is built into the system, partly because of the solid rig construction, but also because the 4-axis gimbal design facilitates less weight to move and a minimum of movement for each axis - all the time.

No dead angles

The fourth axis makes sure that the reflector does not experience dead angles forcing the system to make sudden 180° turns on the azimuth axis, which is a problem in 3-axis systems at high reflector elevations, often referred to as the zenith paradox occurring in a wide belt around the equator.

Proven technology

The technology is tested and approved based on military standard specifications concerning vibration, shock and EMC according to MIL STD 810G and MIL STD 461F.