C2SAT antennas are made for vessels operating in harsh and unfriendly environments. The 4-axes gimbal design makes it possible to build antennas that are faster and more robust than e.g. a 3-axes center pole-based system. The servo motors on each axis are subjected to less torque due to the design, which leads to lower stress on the mechanical rig, thus reduced maintenance costs and less down-time.
The C2SAT Ku100MIL is a high performance stabilized VSAT antenna designed for Coast Guard and Navy vessels. The reflector diameter is 1.0 m.
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C2SAT OEM P9 platform
ASTG offers a proven hardware and software platform to customers in the VSAT industry who want to integrate their own developed radio solutions. ASTG can also offer its customers development of alternative radio solutions based on the P9 platform, for eg. X, Ka, Ku or dual band combinations.
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