About us

C2SAT started development of a 4-axes stabilized VSAT antenna system for maritime use in 2000 and the first commercial products reached the market in 2008. The company name is now changed to Advanced Stabilized Technologies Group (ASTG) but the products are still marketed under the original brand-name; C2SAT.

The 4-axes gimbal design provides unique possibilities for the radio equipment, which always must be accurately pointing at the satellite, to move freely without sudden and heavy movements.

Military and Government customers set high and stringent demands on stable and secure communication solutions. Mission critical satellite communications are crucial for defence, intelligence, humanitarian aid and emergency response missions; as well as it requires a proven technology. ASTG meet these demands by providing robust antennas with a high pointing accuracy, thus enabling high uptime. ASTG is also able to provide flexible and customized solutions to special requirements. Our modular platform solutions offer multiple hardware, software and RF combinations.

The company aims to be in the forefront by consistently developing and commercializing innovative products for customers requiring high-end stabilized VSAT technology on land and at sea.